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Craft your authentic message so you can confidently share your business and attract the clients, sales and opportunities you desire.

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What We Do

We help Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Teachers and Thought Leaders Create More Influence and Impact in their industry.

Your Brand Message

Your personal brand story that will separate you from the masses and express your unique value.

Your Niche Market

Discover who needs to hear what you have to say.  Who will follow you, take action and buy from you?

Your Marketing Strategy

Your marketing execution strategy to get your message, products and services out to the masses.



Personal Branding Coach
Personal Brand Management
Professional Image Development
Public Speaking Marketing
Public Speaking Coach
Public Speaking Consultant


Graphic Design
Photography & Videography
Web Design Services
Social Media Management
Podcast Production Services
Copywriting & Email Campaigns
Website Sales Automation

About Us

Overwhelmed with all the moving parts required to market your personal brand: website, social media, promotional events, webinars, video, podcasting and photography?

Are you ready to elevate your personal brand so you can grow your influence, make a greater impact and make more money, but you don't have the strategy or team to execute?

The team at BrandReign helps professionals, authors, speakers entrepreneurs and thought leaders discover their unique identity, craft their message and confidently market themselves so they can grow their audience through personal branding, digital marketing and media.

The achievements of our successful clients include:
  • Increased sales and commissions by 400% within 3 months of campaign launch.
  • Gaining confidence to speak and sell more than 50% of an audience from the public stage.
  • Sought out to speak at national and global conferences around the world.
  • Broadcast across television sets and the Internet to increase exposure by %1000 percent.

Get incredible results with BrandReign! Results vary so contact us to find out how we can help you.

Discover the Power of Self Expression

If you’re interested in finding out more about personal branding and marketing for professional, contact us for a Free Personal Branding Consult.

"Cherene Francis and her team at BrandReign Inc. have done some personal brand marketing for me. Between updating the photography and images, choosing colours, having the right copy, finding the right web design and helping to market my various conferences, Cherene exudes her passion for branding and marketing. Cherene has also been a constant on stage at my events and has helped numerous people go forward with their business plans and branding through her coaching. Cherene has an incredible eye for the visual elements of design and production in social media, TV and video production. She has helped so many people go forward with their businesses."

Randi Goodman
International Speaker, Event Producer, #1 Best Selling Author

"Your insightful perspective went deeper than I could go myself. You helped me create a presentation focusing on the client. Let Cherene do her magic on your presentation. You will be pleasantly surprised. The investment was more than worth it. I got at least a hundred times what I invested in benefits."

Ron Tabachnick
Strategic Consultant

"Before working with Cherene and her team, I needed a brand and a website. When I started she asked a lot of questions, had a good listening ear and gave me good insight as to the market trends. The result is my website is up and running, schedule once works well, and FB is up and running. Cherene’s wealth of knowledge on marketing is what people are looking for. She can help you. She is honest and will lead you in the right direction. "

Sylvia Ho
Mortgage Agent

What You'll Get in a FREE 30-Minute Conversation with Us!

  • Find out what you need to do to 10x your influence in the next 6-12 months.
  • Learn how you can grow your business, get more leads and make money with your personal brand through public speaking, coaching or mentoring your audience.
  • Get the next steps to take action on sharing your message with confidence and passion so you can make the impact and income you desire.

We can't wait to hear from you! We're a global consulting agency based in Toronto, ON, Canada and we are excited to serve you wherever you are. Fill out the form to book your consultation.


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